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Blackletter - Textura and Contemporary Fractur was a one-day workshop on April 14, 2018, during which Yukimi Annand taught two forms of Blackletter and had participants eager for more. Yukimi brought with her a wealth of knowledge and talent. She carefully explained branching and pen angle and used an analytical approach while demonstrating the many nuances of Blackletter. In addition, Yukimi made several trips around the room giving helpful critiques and suggestions to each student. Participants left the workshop a tad tired but excited about future practice with the wonderful handouts Yukimi provided.

by Diane Reiter

Yukimi demo with doc camera
Yukimi lettering1
Yukimi lower case

Photos by Diane Reiter and Christine Valle

Yukimi Annand

Ellen, Yukimi, Cary Joe.
Jeanie, Helen, Kathy, Candy,Betty, Laurie as ukimi explains
Yukimi 5

Ellen Mott-Jablonski, Yukimi Annand, Cary Joel

Jeanie Kashima, Helen Lebowitz, Kathy Altomare, Candy Ammons, Betty Rivaldi, and Laurie Coe watch as Yukimi explains her process.

Jeanen, Everett, Cary,Andrea and more
Yukimi demo with doc camera 2
Joyce and Lyn Bjorkman
Yukimi Fraktur

Jeanen Monteleone, Everett Brooking, Cary Joel, Andrea Factor, Ellen Mott-Jablonski, Christine Valle, Britta Brice, Jeanie Kashima
and Helen Lebowitz watch the demo.

Joyce and Lynn Bjorkman

photo 10
Yukimi upper case
Van Luong and Andrea Factor

Yukimi Annand

Diane Reiter, Yukimki Annand, Kathy Altomare

Van Luong and Andrea Factor