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Amity ParksSDFC began 2017 with the workshop A Sharp Pencil and A Keen Eye, taught by artist and calligrapher Amity Parks. The class description was spot on! Over the course of two days, participants learned how “the humble pencil and its relatives could become powerful tools in creating many effects from subtle to stunning.” There were numerous instructor demonstrations and ample opportunities to practice and experiment with pencils, erasers, graphite sticks, etc.

Participants received helpful suggestions and tips from Amity as she walked around the room to check on student progress. Many of the techniques learned in the workshop could be used right away as well as at a later date (possibly in a finished piece for the SDFC Member Exhibit in September?).

Those who attended the workshop were asked about their workshop experience. “It was an amazing class!” “What a treat!” “It was lively and informative” were a few of the comments made. Others said, “This workshop definitely exceeded my expectations.” “There’s so much one can do with the humble pencil; can’t wait to step outside the box and create something amazing.” “Professional, informational and inspirational!”  Another wrote, “Amity Parks is an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher who provided useful information on tools, graphite techniques and creative application. Her keen eye for design and layout also demonstrates the highest level of artistic achievement.”

Thank you, Amity, for a great workshop!

Photos by Phawnda Moore

graphite As
graphite San Diego
demo with gal taking photo
Mott-J, Lebowitz, Brice, and

Standing: Ellen Mott-Jablonski, Frank Castillo, Candy Ammons, Kati Searcy, Cesar Kobashikawa; Linda Yoshida, Helen Lebowitz, WendyTelford. Seated: Amity Parks, Elizabet Kenney, Barbara Steel, Carole Johnson, Britta Brice, and Sandy Doerr (with camera)

Left to right: Ellen Mott-Jablonski, Helen Lebowitz, Frank Castillo,
Candy Ammons, Britta Brice, and Verna Grant.

Telford, Kenney, 2 others
Graphite shading of letters
graphite tools

Left to right: Wendy Telford, Elizabeth Kenney, Barbara Steel, and Sandy Doerr

Carole Johnson and 3 others
Parks wkshop gallery Diane with  Cesar and

From the left: Frank Castillo, Linda Yoshida, Candy Ammons, and Carole Johnson

demo  Parks wtih Britta, Janice, diane, Carole, Ginger

Cesar Kobashikawa, Phawnda Moore and Diane Reiteraa

Gallery of work by workshop participants. We shared our work
towards the end of the second day..

Left to right: Britta Brice, Janice Shigehara, Diane Reiter, Carole Johnson, Ginger Cook and Amity Parks