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October 17 - 24, 2004, was  designated as the first ever National Calligraphy Week, and even received a Proclamation from the City of Escondido to that effect. To honor of that designation, throughout the month of October, members of the San Diego Fellow Calligraphy guild were busy exhibiting, demonstrating and providing calligraphy guild, workshop and class information.

SDFC members personalized bookmarks, demonstrated the fine art of calligraphy, and answered  questions about calligraphy and SDFC. An exhibit of envelopes, as well as class and guild information, was also at these locations:  the Clairemong Library (Balboa Branch), Borders Books (Carmel Mountain Ranch), Barnes & Noble (Escondido), Escondido Library, Carmel Mountain Library, Rancho Penasquitos Library, and Barnes & Noble (Oceanside).

(Left) Proclamation by City of Escondido declaring Calligraphy Week.

(Left) SDFC President Diane Reiter receives the Proclamation as SDFC Treasurer Pat Sunda watches.

(Right) Debbie Lyman and Diane Reiter at the Penasquitos Library.

These envelopes were sent to Oprah Winfrey, the Mayor of San Marcos, and others in order to publicize National Calligraphy Week. Copies of these and other envelopes, cards, and samples of calligraphy were on display as SDFC members demonstrated calligraphy on bookmarks at the above locations.

To see even more envelopes, including ones by Risa Gettler and Lorraine Brown, go to  Legacies Fine Art.

By Risa Gettler

By Karon Carroll

Pat Sunda demonstrating at the Escondido Library.

By Diane Reiter

By Marsha Vanetsky

By Naomi Lesberg

By Diane Reiter

By Shirley Wineberg

By Debbie Lyman


By Debbie Lyman