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What a fun and interesting workshop we had with the multitalented Louis Lemoine on May 13, 2017. Whether he was teaching us the button alphabet, sharing meaningful quotes or doing magic tricks, we were educated and entertained. While working to learn the playful letters of the button alphabet he shared the importance of enjoying what we were doing and to relax while we worked. He walked around as we practiced and offered advice to keep our letters on track.

Louis encouraged us to stretch our creativity and add our own touch to the lettering project at the end of the day. “Practice, practice, practice” was his mantra while we strived to make the perfect letter. He must have seen me holding my pen tightly while concentrating on a letter that his reminder to "breathe" probably saved me from hand cramps!

Thank you Louis for taking the time to share your joyful spirit and amazing talent with us in this very enjoyable workshop.

By Candy Ammons

Lemoine 6

Louis Lemoine

Lemoine 1

Everett Brooking, Louie Lemoine, and Annette Brooking

Lemoine 2

Kati Searcy, Everett Brooking, Jeanen Monteleone, Ellen Mott-Jablonski, Verna Grant, Annette Brooking, and Louie Lemoine

Lemoine 3

One of Louie’s magic tricks, watched by Verna Grant and Fran Welk

Photos by Diane Reiter

Lemoine 5

Louie’s sample Button Alphabet with contrasting lettering

Lemoine 7

Louie and Yvonne Perez-Collins

Lemoine 8

Lettering demo: Annette Brooking,
Louie Lemoine, and Fran Wel

workshop participants, Louie Lemoine photo