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with Connie Furgason, October 7 & 8, 2017.

On October 7 & 8, 2017, guest instructor Connie Furgason shared a variety of very free versals. The starting point was to write the basic Roman Capital letterforms. We then added lines to build up the letters to give a more traditional versals look. From there Connie showed participants ways to free up the letterforms, square them up and enhance them with color on black and white paper. Connie shared many good techniques and samples of finished work to inspire us.

watching 1
watching 3
Patt, sweatshirt, Diane

Patt Miller and Diane Reiter, President


Jeanie Kashima, Connie Furgason, Andrea Factor, Kathy Altomare, Lorraine Brown


Diane Reiter

Janice 1

Connie Furgason (seated on right), Patt Miller, Janice Shigehara, Wendy Telford, Jeanen Monteleone, Diane Reiter,
Lorraine Brown, Kathy Altomare.

Janice Shigehara

Britta many
by Andrea Factor

Janice Shigehara

jeanen 3
Kathy Altamare

Andrea Factor

Britta Brice

Jeanie all
Jeanen 1

Jeanen Monteleone

Kathy Altomare

Naomi 2

Jeanie Kashima

Two by Jeanen Monteleone

Lorraine Brown
Lorraine working

Naomi Lesberg

Lorraine Brown