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On October 15, 2015, SDFC guild members Karen Corvan and I took our calligraphy supplies and some instructional materials to a group of 6 to 9 year olds at the KinderCare Montessori School in Mira Mesa. What a fun morning! The kids had been studying handwriting and were already familiar with hieroglyphics, so we took off from there with Greek letters and carved Roman caps. We talked about the transition to Uncial, looked at samples of Gothic, and ended our “lesson” with some information on Italic and a diagram of the “History of the Letter A.”

At this point the students were eye-balling our table layout of interesting looking supplies, so we opened the floodgates and the kids chose their paper or envelope and dug right in with pens, pencils and markers. They were intrigued by an illustrated letter “B,” so several kids traced the letter and then filled in the design in their own colors. And they especially liked Karen’s supply of sparkly gel pens. They were very creative with the tools, and it was fun to watch them. They were very respectful of each other’s area and they did a great job of sharing all the materials.

Thanks to Kristi Darwick and Carrie Imai from SfC for the lesson material they provided.

by Wendy Telford

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