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Quarter Bound Book and Wrapper

On Saturday, February 12th, Edna Wright taught participants how to make a Quarter Bound Book and Wrapper at the workshop held in Escondido. Participants found most supplies packaged and ready to go on the tables upon arrival. After folding the papers which would become the pages in our books, we coaxed and glued pieces of foam core to make book cradles. Once the holes were punched, we sewed the groups of papers together to form a text block. After covering the precut boards, our books were ready for final assembly. As the PVA glue was attempting to dry, participants then made an attractive wrapper to hold their new books.

Despite the dreariness of the day, 15 stalwart souls braved the elements and greatly enjoyed Edna Wright's bookbinding class. Edna was most organized and very clear in giving instructions and demonstrations. Edna's teaching techniques were greatly appreciated. The results were impressive and everyone seemed please with their new quarter bound books, wrappers and book cradles. What a great way to spend a rainy Saturday!

Edna Wright demonstrated with her usual precision
and enthusiasm.

By Dianne Decker-Houser
and Diane Reiter

Heather Wiley

Pat Sunda

Dianne Decker-Houser and Trish Martini

Jan Lohner and Jean Igoe

All photos are by Pat Sunda

Kristi Darwick and Edna Wright

Lorraine Brown

Olivia Ramirez

Paula Leman