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Relaxing, productive, fun! Brenda Broadbent’s Black on Black Magic was a delightful way to spend a sunny Friday upstairs at the SDEA building. She told us to “listen with your eyes” as she led us in creating letter variations drawn with Sakura Black Glaze pens on black paper, embellished with colored pencils and Sakura Clear Stardust pens. We even experimented with oil pastels.

Prior calligraphic experience was definitely not needed but a sense of playfulness was as we changed letter width, height, baselines, and stroke shapes. Brenda said, “There is no ‘perfect,’ there is just using the space and filling it up.” We worked on single versal letters and longer monoline quotations. We were encouraged to make thumbnails, to draw boundaries to give our work a framework, and figure out how to make our “mistakes” work. Brenda told us that when all else fails, some artists just add yellow, some add black or add gold, many of us in the class added dots.

Time flew by quickly, as it often does when doing art with friends. Thank you Brenda, and thank you SDFC for offering this one-day workshop.

By Naomi Lesberg

February 19, 2016

Photos to come