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   San Diego Fellow Calligrapher members Lorraine Brown, Risa Gettler, Naomi Lesberg, Grace Lo, Debra Lyman, Diane Reiter, and Pat Sunda spent an evening painting letters, flowers, and other designs using glaze on 5" bisque-fired ceramic ribbons for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The Painted Earth, a Temecula store, donated the ribbons. The fired and glazed ribbons were used as a fund-raiser at the Race for the Cure, October 17, 2004.

   SDFC member  (and past Board Member) Cary Joel  participated in the 3-day and 5K events on November 7, 2004.


Debbie Lyman, Risa Gettler,
and Pat Sunda

Debbie Lyman and Risa Gettler