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On March 12 and 13, 2005, eleven calligraphers participated in Barbara Close’s Pointed Brush Lettering workshop at the Garden Park Villas in Escondido.  It’s a great venue for a small group. We worked with lower case the first day, then were humbled by upper case on Sunday. We tried assorted brands of brush pens and brushes with ink or watercolor. Barbaras’s positive support and vigilant attention kept our letters in good form. Our two days’ efforts were assembled into an attractive matchbook-style book with a gold-flecked cover and glass beads incorporated in the decorative binding.

It was great to learn and practice the nuances of five styles of the standard brush lettering and to work in a few “Rohr-ish” letters. The Watusi Alphabet (right) was fun, and like the dance, the letters are made from strokes that are far apartand move towards each other--all with a very light pressure.

Yvonne Perez-Collins

Photos by Jacqueline Lacey

All calligraphy by Barbara Close