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An exhibit of words and images from the San Diego Fellow Calligraphers (SDFC) opened September 1, 2006, at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts, 15498 Espola Road, in Poway. The public was invited to the reception with the artists on Saturday, September 9, from 2 - 4 p.m., where everyone enjoyed the art along with refreshments and demonstrations.

A very special event at the reception recognized Patt Miller and Lisabet Wilson, two founding and long-time  members of SDFC, as “San Diego Fellow Calligraphers Honorary Member with all rights and privileges pertaining.” President Diane Reiter read the proclamations as Immediate Past President Jacqueline Lacey displayed the beautiful certificates calligraphed by Barbara Close.

A very surprised Patt Miller accepted her certificate along with flowers from Past President Donna Young.

There were few dry eyes when Lisabet Wilson’s proclamation was read. We are all grateful to Diane and Jacqueline for having presented the certificate to Lisabet earlier this summer so she would know the high esteem in which she is held. We lost Lisabet to cancer on September 1, but her gentle humor, kindness, respect, intellectual curiosity, and inspiration will be remembered as much as her presence will be missed.

Lisabet holding certificate

Lisabet Wilson receives SDFC
proclamation, July 2006.

Photos by Debbie Lyman, Risa Gettler, and Naomi Lesberg.

Diane with Lisabet certificate
Jacqueline, Diane presents to LIsabet
Group watches certificate presentation
Patt gets certificate

Shirley Wineberg, organizer of the Treasures Sale and Demo Table, said, “We all had a great time, that was obvious. Nearly everyone who came contributed in some way, Pat Sunda did a classy job with the food table and schlepping all that stuff that added that special touch to the people who came with something for the sale. I came home with less than I brought. We are all proud to be associated with SDFC, friendly and open and long associations. And so many willing to be of help.”

Patt Miller is honored.

Beverly, Jacqueline, Shirley Demo table
Manuelita, Jacqueline, Beverly
Group at exhibit

The Demonstration Table: Beverly Frank, Jacqueline Lacey, and Shirley Wineberg.

Debbie Lyman said, “I really thought this event was top notch. Classy is the word. Beautifully presented works of art and the food and the calligraphy sales. And of course being with all these wonderful people I call my friends. I enjoyed myself immensely. To all the people involved in creating this event, BRAVO and Thank You!”

Many near stairs
Shirley,Debbie Demo table

Shirley Wineberg and Debbie Lyman


Ginger, Lorraine

Ginger Johnson with her mom, Lorraine Brown.

Shirley, Ginger

Shirley Wineberg and
Ginger Johnson

Art upstairs

Art on the second floor.

Yvonne with Stern Gettler canvases
Art downstairs


Yvonne Perez Collins under canvases by Susan Stern (left) and Risa Gettler (right).

Monterey Moments by Ginger

Calligraphy on fabric. Above left: Calligraphers’ Garden Quilt by 15 artists; above right, Monterey Moments by Ginger Johnson.