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Saturday, September 10, 2016
Creating Zentangle® Inspired Art
Presenter, Karen Corvan, Certified Zentangle® insKaren, Vernatructor

I recently heard a phrase that I hadn’t heard before...All those who wander aren't necessarily lost.”

I’ve been a member of SDFC since 1995, but had been on a hiatus, shall we say, for a very long time - raising three kids and wandering through my art process. This Saturday all the stars aligned, and I was able to make it to my first meeting in literally FOREVER! It was a wonderful presentation by Karen Corvan, a CZT Certified Zentangle Teacher and SDFC member.

Karen was very organized with each seat already set up with the tools we would need for the demonstration, and with lots of visuals, books, tools, on the perimeter to view and test. With her warm and honest presentation, she guided us through the process of Zentangle and more. We even made a box to use for putting gifts inside (tangled on the outside of course). She also passed out handouts for other projects we could do after we got home. What a great resource for our guild! If you’ve never done Zentangle or never met Karen, I encourage you to seek her out and try it out - you won’t be disappointed.

While I still feel I’m wandering through my art process, I’m so glad I had a chance to come “home.”

By Mary Kloha

first square

Karen teaches the first design.

Zentangle rocks

Zentangle rock examples

Candy Ammons, Mary Kloha diane, Kati, Eva-Lynn, jeanen

Candy Ammons and Mary Kloha


Diane Reiter, Kati Searcy, Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus, and Jeanen Monteleone

Zentangle display board

Karen’s Zentangle display board.

Zentangle designs by
Karen Corvan


Mary Kloha and Karen Corvan

Eva-Lynn Kristina card

Eva-Lynn shared some of her Zentangle on cards and envelopes.

Naomi and frog

Naomi Lesberg’s Zentangle (and frog)

Eva-Lynn Amelia card
eva-Lynn Ursula envelope