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Sept 2015 mtg1Saturday, September 12, 2015
Calligraphers and Convention: IAMPETH 2015”
Stephanie Chao and Wendy Telford, Presenters

SDFC started off the calligraphic year with a General Meeting on September 12th, well attended by members, new members, and guests. The first presentation was given by SDFC webmaster Naomi Lesberg. With the SDFC website projected on the wall, Naomi showed us how to navigate the website to find a variety of topics and get a lot of information. She also handed out a site map, a helpful tool for those who may have forgotten some of the particulars by the time they got home.Elizabeth, Marsha, Wendy, Stephanie

The next presentation was "Calligraphers and Convention: IAMPETH 2015." Stephanie Chao and Wendy Telford shared some of the activities and events that were held at the convention, as well as the variety of classes that were offered. Utilizing a PowerPoint presentation and the document camera, Stephanie and Wendy were able to share samples of the lettering they did in the classes they attended, as well as a few samples of work done by some of the instructors. Instructions were handed out on how to make a Concertina Card.

A bonus for attending the meeting was looking at the items for Show and Share. There were: graphite drawings, an in-progress woven basket, gelly plate prints, homework assignments, pieces from the Passionate Pen conference, IAMPETH, and more. Our members proved that making art didn’t stop this summer!

Before we left, we were given the Fall 2015 Letter Perfect. Nice job, Wendy Telford! Remember: Information on the website, in Letter Perfect, and in Letter Perfect minuscule is only as good as the information you give us!

The next General Meeting will be Saturday, October 10, 9:00 a.m. Carole Johnson will give a hands-on presentation "Traditional to Modern Pointed Pen." Check the SDFC website (now you know how!) to get the supply list.  Bring what supplies you have; bring extras if you have them so we can share with our new calligraphers and guests.

Remember: September 25th is the deadline for submitting entries for the 2015 Holiday Tea Invitation.

At the October meeting we’ll be selecting both the 2016 SDFC Birthday Card and the 2015 Holiday Tea Invitation.

By Diane Reiter

Sept 2015 mtg2

Photos by Naomi Lesberg and Steve Reiter


Virginia Bendik, Kati Searcy, Toby Dresslar, Wendy Telford, Janice Shigehara, Yvonne Perez-Collins, and Stephanie Chao

The 2015-2016 Board: President and Workshops: Diane Reiter; Publicity (including newsletters): Wendy Telford; Secretary: Karen Corvan;
Treasurer: Jeanen Monteleone; and Membership: Kati Searcy


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Virginia Bendik

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Susan Stern looking at members’ art