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Friday, September 10, 2004

What I Did Last Summer,
An enthusiastic group of calligraphers and friends gathered once again to celebrate the beginning of a new year. President Diane Reiter and her capable board have organized an exciting season of meetings and workshops. It was especially wonderful to welcome back some members we haven’t seen for a while.

The program, sharing what we’d done since we got together in June, reminded us of how varied our artistic experiences are and how nice it can be to take time to show each other what we’ve done. Just about everyone who came to the meeting  had something to show from work done at the internatioal calligraphy conference near St. Louis to a small group who had met in one friend’s backyard. We saw a complete professional wedding package and a clever pen rest, and when theevening was over, we left knowing that this was going to be another great year.

Five current and past presidents. Back row left to right: Donna Young, Diane Reiter, Risa Gettler; front row left to right: Lisabet Wilson, Jacqueline Lacey.

Workshops planned for this year.

Cary Joel, Donna Young, Marilyn Dailey, and Patsy Roeder.

Flora Kuritsky and Patsy Roeder.

Above and below: Word done at Conference by Cary Joel.

Beverly Frank, Risa Gettler,
and  Shirley Wineberg

Right: Risa Gettler wears the logo she designed for Edna Wright’s daughter’s wedding.


Patsy Roeder and Virginia Bendik admire note cards by
Jacqueline Lacey.

By Yvonne Perez Collins


At Conference, Diane Reiter learned to make this clever pen rest from a water bottle.

By Naomi Lesberg

Above: By Susan Richardson from Thomas Ingmire’s class at Conference.


Two views of an book created by Yvonne Perez Collins in Doug Boyd’s class.