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Saturday, September 8, 2018
Predominantly Pointed Pen

The first meeting of our calligraphic year was a great success. Excellent attendance, delicious treats, help with calligraphy projects, and  time to do art while chatting with friends. Everyone shared tips and concerns, with special thanks to:

Diane Reiter for the Pad Puck from Paper and Ink Arts and for reminding us to flex our hands periodically.

Ellen Mott-Jablonski for wrapping white plumber's tape around the threads of ink bottles keep them from dripping

Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus for attaching a toothbrush in a bottle to clean nibs.

Marsha Vanetsky for showing us the Unicorn Tech travel light.

Naomi Lesberg for the Pentel Stylo pen.

Virginia Bendik for interesting papers.

Wendy Watson Diedrick for calligraphy exemplars.

And a BIG thank you to SDFC for our Kuretake Cocoiro Letter Pens.

See you in October. Look for your e-mail notice, and don’t forget to let Diane know if you’re coming.


(Back row) Marsha Vanetsky, Diane Reiter, Yvonne Perez-Collins, Everett Brooking, Jeanen Monteleone, Elleln Mott-Jablonski, Naomi Lesberg. Front row: Lorraine Brown,
Belen Chavez, Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus, and Nancy Lee


Yvonne Perez-Collins, Everett Brooking, Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus, Jeanen Monteleone, and Wendy Watson-Diedrick


(Left to right) Nancy Lee, Belen Chavez, Everett Brooking, Jeanen Moneleone, Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus,
Diane Reiter, Ellen Mott-Jablonski, Lorraine Brown, Virginia Bendick, Candy Ammons,
Marsha Vanetsky, Nancy Morrison, Pilar Khder, and Yvonne Perez-Collins.


Virginia Bendik, Candy Ammons, Janice Shigehara, Nancy Morrison,
and  Jeanie Kashima


Marsha Vanetsky
and Lorraine Brown