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At the June 10th General Meeting, SDFC began celebrating its 40th Anniversary! The 2017-2018 calendar was presented, outlining the programs and workshops scheduled for the coming year. (2017-2018 begins with the September through November Members' Exhibit at the Point Loma Library and culminates with the 40th Anniversary Party in June of 2018.) SDFC also announced the results of the election for the Board of Directors. The winner of the Birthday Card Contest was Kristi Darwick. The icing on the cake was a hands-on presentation with Yvonne Perez-Collins, making a Calligrapher’s Pocket Album.

Check the July 2017 Letter Perfect for photos and writeups! 

Yvonne book 2
Yvonne book 1

2017-2018 SDFC Board of Directors

 Diane Reiter, President
Ellen Mott-Jablonski, Vice President
Susan Mann, Secretary
Jeanen Montelone, Treasurer
Wendy Telford, Publicity
Diane Reiter, Workshops
Membership, vacant. Address any concerns to Naomi or Jeanen.