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Saturday, June 9, 2018
SDFC 40th Anniversary Celebration

Elizabeth, Steve, Ginger Cook

Here are some photos from the party taken by Wendy Telford.

andrea, YPC
elizabeth, diane, patt miller

Andrea Factor and Yvonne Perez-Collins

invitation to 40th

Elizabeth Kenny with Steve and Ginger Cook

Elizabeth Ahlgren on left, Ruth Seegmiller on right. Maureen Hargrave red shirt
britta, eva-lynn

Elizabeth Kenney, Diane Reiter, Patt Miller

doug and jenny boyd
patt miller
diane, jeanen

Ruth Seegmiller

elizabeth, lorraine

Britta Brice and Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus

Doug and Jenny Boyd

someone, andrea

Jeanen Monteleone

Founding Member
Patt Miller

Lorraine Brown

kati, diane, steve reiter, steve cook

Elizabeth Algren, Andrea Factor

rick and ellen
doug, jenny boyd and Lucille Chen

Kati Searcy wtih Diane and Steve Reiter

jeanie, ginger, janice, britta

Doug and Jenny Boyd and Lucille Chen

jeanen, lorraine,  2more

Rick and Ellen Mott-Jablonski

succulent centerpiece

Jeanie Kashima, Ginger Cook, Janice Shigehara, Britta Brice

Linda West anniversary card
Linda card front

Succulent centerpieces by Ginger Cook

wendy, diane, andrea, jeanen 1

Card from Linda West

Wendy Telford, Diane Reiter, Andrea Factor,
 Jeanen Monteleone