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Saturday, May 11, 2019
Walnut Ink Wonder
 Diane Reiter, Presenter

Walnut Ink Wonder was the focus of the final general meeting. Diane Reiter provided an opportunity to explore and experiment with the different possibilities when using walnut ink. We could focus on lettering, decorating paper or both. There was a variety of papers to try, unusual tools to use, and many, many examples to inspire us while we used our “decomposed peat” along with watercolors, gold powder, colored pencils, and more. We all appreciated the handouts. Thank you, Diane and SDFC.

Diane Reiter

SDFC President Diane Reiter

Liz’s triangle brush examples

thank you - naomi IMG_3355

Naomi Lesberg

Liz Thompson demonstrates her triangle brush
to Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus, Kati Searcy,
and Janice Shigehara.


Andrea Factor’s lettering

Suzie Dunk

Marissa Bowman, Nelly Hashemian, and Andrea Factor

Some of Diane Reiter’s examples


Walnut ink over dried watercolor lettering


Impressed line


Watercolor dropped onto wet walnut ink, plastic wrap on wet walnut ink

diane  sample lettering on ink

Jeanie Kashima