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Saturday, May 12, 2018
Pen Play
Ellen Mott-Jablonski and Kati Searcy, Presenters

Calligraphers were invited to come and play, and that's exactly what we did on Saturday, May 12th. With the help, guidance, suggestions, demos and materials provided by Ellen Mott-Jablonski and Kati Searcy, participants drew marks, animals, the letterforms of the Neuland alphabet and letters from historical examples.

When ready to experiment/play further, balsa chips and cups of walnut ink were available for creating a different look for similar marks. The wonderful handouts helped to remind those in attendance of the possibilities when using a broad edged tool.  In addition, attendees made an envelope portfolio, perfect for holding the cards on which one could continue the play with pens. Thanks to Kati and Ellen for an enjoyable meeting.

By Diane Reiter

May mtg demo 1
Ellen Mott Jablonski
Kati Searcy 2
Candy Ammons

Candy Ammons

Nancy Lee

Nancy Lee

Steve Reiter

Steve Reiter

May mtg demo 2
Yvonne Perez Collins, Karen Corvan

Yvonne Perez-Collins and Karen Corvan

Patt Miller, Wendy Telford

Patt Miller and Wendy Telford

Jeanie and Janice
May mtg demo 3

Jeanie Kashima and Janice Shigehara