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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Early Bird Heading

Paper Wallet/Book with SDFC President Diane Reiter. Those who attended the Early Bird left with a wonderful origami paper wallet/book. Her instructions were clear, and even the "origami challenged" were able to create a colorful and useful project.

paper wallet book 1
paper wallet book 3
paper wallet book 2

Understand Your Colors and Avoid Mud with Naomi LesbergColors 1

With supplies in the ready and lots of focus, attendees at the April 8th SDFC General Meeting were ready to "understand their colors and avoid mud." Presenter Naomi Lesberg began with a quick overview of value, temperature and pigment information. Then the colors came out: colored pencils, watersoluble colored pencils, and watercolors! In short order, folks were selecting their materials, mixing colors and applying them to paper to see which combinations worked best. Naomi reminded the group that there are no bad colors; try mixing different colors and see what you get. Naomi encouraged us to "Be aware of what you own and what it does." What a great way to get the colors you want.

Diane Reiter

Colors 3

Naomi Lesberg with Jeanen Monteleone: showing how to change colors with transparent glazes

SDFC Birthday Card Contest information

Colors 4

Ellen Mott-Jablonski, Kati Searcy, and Candy Ammons

Colors 6

Naomi Lesberg, Jack Blum, Carole Johnson,
Jeanen Monteleone, Kati Searcy, and Candy Ammons