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Friday, April 8, 2005
“Pop-Up Cards”
Guest Presenter, Sylvia Kowal

On Friday, April 8th, SDFC members learned how to make Pop-Up Cards with an enthusiastic and well prepared Sylvia Kowal. Each attendee received a packet of handouts, an envelope of materials, several other papers and a couple of embellishments. Then it was time to get busy. Seven cards were made in all, including a sliding card and variation, a garden card, the accordion Happy Birthday, the revolving heart and circle cards and a matchbook card. In addition to teaching these moveable and dimensional structures, Sylvia shared with the group several ways to take the basics and turn them into cards for almost any occasion. What a fun evening !

Diane Reiter

Christina Swanson,Marsha Vanetsky, and Sue McDonald

Sylvia demonstrates for Karon Carroll

Some recommended references

One of Sylvia’s book structures and a  view from above.

Shirley Wineberg

Pop-up variation: gluing a series together.

Example of the slider card we made during the meeting.

Jean Porter and Beverly Frank

More views of different cards and structures displayed

Dangling hearts card