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On Saturday, December 1, SDFC kicked off the season with a wonderful the SDFC Holiday party filled with food, fellowship, and fun. We even got to throw paper airplanes at each other! 

Diane folding paper airplane
folding airplanes

(Left to right) Yvonne Perez-Collins, Candy Ammons, Patt Miller,
 Wendy Telford,  Marissa Bowman, and Nelly Hashemian

3 Steves 2018

3 Steves in 2018:
Lesberg, Reiter, and Coo

SDFC President Diane Reiter

Ginger and Lorraine folding

Ginger Cook and Lorraine Brown

Jeanie, Laurie
Patt, Wendy, Marissa, Nelly

Yvonne Perez-Collins, Candy Ammons, Patt Miller, Wendy Telford, Marissa Bowman,
 Nelly Hashemian, and Pilar Khder

Yvonne Perez Collins book making classes

Yvonne is offering free classes at the library.

Jeanie Kashima, Laurie Coe