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library 031

Becka Moore and Wendy Diedrick, volunteers who, along with Linda West, lettered bookmarks for patrons of the North University Library.

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Linda West and Wendy Diedrick

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library 029

Table and decorations at entrance to North University Library

Wednesday,October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012 was the date for the SDFC library table demonstration at North University Community Library. The purpose was to promote a new class that SDFC is  offering at this library, “Introduction to Calligraphy.” Diane Reiter will teach the class on Tuesday, November 27, and Saturday, December 1, 2012. SDFC hosted the table at the request of Trevor Jones, branch manager at the library.

Wendy Diedrick, Linda West, and Becka Moore (Linda’s daughter) greeted patrons at the entrance to the library from 1-3pm. They personalized Halloween bookmarks, talked about the upcoming calligraphy class, and promoted the art of beautiful writing to adults and many costumed children.

While Halloween is usually a quiet day at the library, these volunteers gave away around 40 bookmarks and had lots of fun interacting with those who came to the library for treats. From patrons and staff, the response to their work and bookmarks were sweet treats.

library 030

Halloween bookmarks beside our SDFC Logo

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