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    2007-2008 Meetings, Workshops, and Events

September 14, 2007: General Meeting: “Day at the Bleach” a demonstration with Risa Gettler, September 18, 2007, 6 p.m.: Sheila Waters, “My Calligraphic Life” Balboa Community Church, San Diego, CA 92111
September 18-19 and September 20, 2007: 2 Workshops: Sheila Waters
October 12, 2007: General Meeting: “Get Yourself Framed for Success, Using Frame Design to Enhance Your Art,” with Deanne Row, CPF
New date TBA: Workshop postponed: Watercolor Exercises with Annie Lawrence (92128)
November 9, 2007: General Meeting: “Exotic Scripts” by Mark Van Stone
November 10-11, 2007: Workshop: Medieval Versals & Romanesque Illumination with Mark Van
December 14, 2007: SDFC Holiday Party at the RB home of Lorraine Brown. Details TBA.
January 11, 2008: General Meeting: “Keeping It Fresh:  Passion, Love, Poetry, Calligraphy” by Sherrie Lovler
January 12-13, 2008: Workshop: Subtle Colors in the Night with Sherrie Lovler  (92128)
February 6, 2008: Workshop: Color Theory Through the Back Door with Teri Martin (92111)

February 8, 2008, General Meeting: “Mark of the Pen” with Barbara Close
February 9 - 10, 2008: Workshop: Pointed Pen Magic with Barbara Close  (92128)
March 1: RSVP kits for Sylvia Kowal May general meeting
March 8 & March 22, 2008: Workshop: Groovy Painted Papers with Risa Gettler (location TBA)
March 14, 2008: General Meeting: “Going Digital” with Jon Harwood
April/May, 2008: If Walls Could Talk, SDFC 2008 Exhibit at San Marcos Community Center
April 11, 2008: General Meeting: “Mostly Modern European Lettering & 20th Century Ghosts" with Carl Rohrs
April 12-13, 2008: Workshop: Modern Moves & 20th Century Masters with Carl Rohrs  (92128)
May 9, 208: General Meeting: “Fun with Flips & Folds” with Sylvia Kowal (see March 1)
May 10, 2008: Workshop: Circle Book with Sylvia Kowal (92128)
June 7, 2008: General Meeting: Special 30th birthday celebration: 2-5 p.m plus new workshop packets presented, new board announced, gifts, and more! (Note: No June 13th General Meeting this year!)

Zip codes refer to workshop locations.