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April Mini Exhibit in Carlsbad

“Just in Case”, the SDFC outreach at the Dove Branch of Carlsbad Library was a hit. Marsha Vanetsky single-handedly coordinated all the arrangements, hung the exhibit, and prepared for the bookmark writing demonstration. The tall exhibit case (located upstairs to the left of the reference desk) looks wonderfully professional and has lots of variety—even includes Marsha's appliqué sweatshirt! The work all shows beautifully.

The library made a stack of flyers announcing the exhibit and the bookmark demonstration on Saturday, April 9, 2005. The library's program coordinator had everything ready for us. He placed our table alongside the stairway that leads upstairs. The SDFC banner hung on the stair rail behind us. Since we were also on the corridor to the children's section, lots of families stopped by.

Diane Reiter had a parallel pen and I had dip pens. We were really busy. All the library departments wanted bookmarks—circulation, periodicals, reference. And patrons of al ages were fascinated by the magic of seeing their names come out of the pens, quite a few inquiring in detail about the guild, meetings, classes, books, tools... They picked up literature and were all so pleased with their bookmarks.

The exhibit runs from April 1 to May 15, 2005.

Carole Johnson

Thank you Carole and Diane for volunteering to letter bookmarks; extreme thanks to Marsha for single-handedly making this event  happen.