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    2004-2005 Meetings, Workshops, and Events

September 10, 2004: General Meeting, “What I Did Last Summer”
September 11: SDFC Fun Raiser, Studio Tour
October 8: General Meeting: Charyla Bridges Olsen, guest lecturer, “How I Got from There to Here”
October 9 & 10: Workshop: Charyla Bridges Olsen, A Gothic(ish) Hand
November12: General Meeting, Douglas Boyd, guest lecturer, “BEYOND MEDIOCRITY or spraying for the "OWHATTHEHECK" bug"
November 13 & 20:  Workshop, Doug Boyd, The Calligraphic Sketchbook
December 11: SDFC Holiday Party, Cary Joel’s home, 7 p.m.
January 14, 2005: General Meeting,  “The Art of Making Greeting Cards”
January 15, 2005: SDFC Creative Play Day.
February 11: General Meeting. Edna Wright, guest presenter, “Make It and Take It”
February 12: Workshop: Edna Wright, Quarter Bound Book and Wrapper
March 11:General Meeting, Barbara Close, guest lecturer, “From Chaos Comes Order”.
March 12 & 13: Workshop: Barbara Close, Pointed Brush
April 2 - May 14: “Just in Case” SDFC Mini Exhibit, Dove Lane Branch, Carlsbad Public Library
April 8: General Meeting, Sylvia Kowal, “Pop-Up Cards”
May 13: General Meeting, Sharon Zeugin, guest lecturer,”Roehampton and Beyond: My Approach to Calligraphy”
May 14 & 15: Workshop, Sharon Zeugin, Doodle Art: A Small Course in Lettering Art Miracles
June 10: General Meeting, Demos and Elections