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    2003-2004 Meetings, Workshops, and Events

September 12, 2003: General Meeting. Program: “So This Is What You’ve Been Doing This Summer!”
October 10: General Meeting. Program: “Everything You Wanted to Know about Artwork  Photography,” Jim Respess, guest lecturer
October 11: Workshop: Jacqueline Lacey, Experimenting with Painterly Surfaces
November 8 & 9: Workshop:Victoria Pittman, Metal Collage, cancelled
November 14: General Meeting, Program, Yvonne Perez-Collins, “I Never Met a Tool I Didn’t Like”
December : SDFC wishes you and yours a happy holiday season. See you in January!
January 9, 2004: General Meeting, Program, Hands on card-making with Jan Lohner .
February 13: General Meeting. Program: Lisa Engelbrecht, “Calligrapher/Artist...Artist/Calligrapher:
February 14 & 15: Workshop: Lisa Engelbrecht, Experimental Lettering
March 12:General Meeting, Program, Doug Boyd, “A Few of My Favorite Things.” .
March 13, April 3 & 24, May 15, June 5: Workshop: Teri Martin, Coloring Books, the Sequel
April 9: General Meeting, Program, Carrie Imai, “Neuland Plus: 3 Alphabets in an Evening”
May 14: General Meeting, Program, Risa Gettler, “Hands Across the Sea: Spain--A Calligraphic Travelogue”
June 11: General Meeting,Trash and Treasures Annual Auction; Patt Miller, auctioneer, plus election of officers.