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Greeting Cards with Gusto
Jeanen Monteleone and Janice Shigehara, presenters

On February 9, Janice demonstrated several cards, including one designed to hold a gift card and one using a stencil and stencil brush. Jeanen showed us how a simple lotus fold could be made into a pp-up valentine or 3D star. An expanding card created from gold coin envelopes was also taught.

Please look for a letter from SDFC and mark the March 9 general meeting on your calendar. We will be discussing the future and possible June 30th dissolution of our guild.

Jeanen card examples Janice card examples
Janice cards for other occasions

Using Janice’s card for other occasions


Candy Ammons, Andrea Factor, Karen Corvan, Olivia Ramirez,
and Lisa Koide Halverson