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Saturday, November 14, 2015
Fundamentally Foundational
Wendy Watson-Diedrick, PresenterFun Foundational1

It was a Fun and Fundamentally packed presentation at the SDFC November General Meeting.  Wendy Watson-Diedrick showed the traditional basics of the Foundational hand and ways to make it more contemporary and more playful.

After a brief slide show, Wendy began demonstrating the correct ductus and letter forms of the lower case letters. Participants followed along, doing their best to write the Foundational forms. Along the way, Wendy showed variations of letters (if there were some) and gave tips on ways to modify the letters to make them less stiff and more playful. With Wendy's excellent handouts and demonstrations, we were also able to try our hand at the upper case letters and numerals. The presentation wrapped up with Wendy showing the group the techniques she used to write Happy Thanksgiving, a bonus that came with the handouts.

Wendy's presentation was well organized, informative and good for new and seasoned calligraphers. Thanks, Wendy!

By Diane Reiter

Photos by Wendy Telford

Happy Thanksgiving

See you next month at the
SDFC Holiday Afternoon Tea!