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Saturday, October 13, 2018
Sensational Simple Books
Kati Searcy and Wendy Telford, Presenters

Kati Searcy and Wendy Telford, our two volunteers, each shared how to make a simple book. Kati’s was a sticky note holder; Wendy showed us a clever way to use some of our paper collections.

Kati Searcy

Kati Searcy

Nancy Lee10-18

Nancy Lee

Pilar Kher

Pilar Khder

Ellen, Liz

Ellen Mott-Jablonski, visitor Liz

Diane Reiter example

Wendy Telford’s book by Diane Reiter

Patt Miller10-18

Patt Miller

Wendy Telford example with grandchild

Wendy Telford’s example

little book example