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The 25th Anniversary Exhibit was held at the Grand Galleria in Escondido. Originally scheduled to run from April 1 through May 3, 2003, the exhibit was extended for an additonal month.

The artists’ reception was held on April 12th during Escondido’s “Second Saturday” arts festivities, and the attendance was excellent.

More photos from this exhibit

George Weinberg-Harter,
Gilbert & Sullivan Poster

Go to EPHEMERA display by Gretchin Lair

Patt Miller, Lisabet Wilson, and George Weinberg-Harter are founding members of SDFC...25 years of membership!

Charyla Bridges Olsen, Do You Love Me?

Barbara Close, Where the Dream Takes You

VanMoch Nguyen, Given


Naomi Lesberg, Think about It

Debra Lyman, Holmes Quote

Susan Richardson,
Do Not Go Gentle

Lisabet Wilson, Wherever There Is

Rosemary KimBal, Sediments,
and Lorraine Brown, The Dream Catcher

Charyla Bridges Olsen, Like the Stars

Terrilynn, Torn Apart


Risa Gettler, Passover

Viviana Lombrozo, Sediments

Teri Martin, Wave into Wave

Sylver Kinsella, Calligraphy Meets Origami

Yvonne Perez-Collins, Alpha Fringe (left and close up below)

Terrilynn, HER


Edna Wright, Josephine the Singer and Collected Proverbs of Erasmus, two vellum bound books.

Viviana Lombrozo, Conversation


More photos