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SDFC members, past and present, have their art on display at various sites in San Diego County, on the internet, in print publications and elsewhere. The listings on this page are of work that you can access in print or on line at any time.

For more members’ news and current local exhibits, click here.

For listings prior to 2007, click here.

Viviana Lombrozo had two art pieces selected for the 2014 International Annual Juried Issue (LR29.1) of Letter Arts Review Magazine published in March 2015.

Rose Smutko received an honorable mention in the 2012 Graceful Envelope Contest. Winning entries are here:.   .  

Viviana Lombrozo’s work was selected for the Annual Juried Issue of Letter Arts Review Magazine (April 2012).

Bound &  Lettered, Fall 09 issue, features an article by Britta Brice with photographs by Yvonne Perez-Collins. Britta’s book is on the back cover.

Edna Wright and Risa Gettler are featured in the Volume 8, Number 1 issue of Bound & Lettered. Their work is on the front cover and the article is on page 28.

Debbie Lyman received Honorable Mention in the 2009 Graceful Envelope Contest. She has also won in 2001, 2002, and 2005. Click on then L for Lyman.

Ronna Rogers’s “Tea Collage 1” and “Tea Collage 2” (below) were exhibited at the International Quilt Festival in Houston summer 2009, and they were published in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine.

tea collage 02 tea collage 02003

Tea Collage 1 and Tea Collage 2 by Ronna Rogers

Marsha Vanetsky’s envelope is pictured in the latest Bound & Lettered, page 32. (right)


By Risa Gettler and Edna Wright:
The Big Dragonfly Book

Marsha in John Neal

By Marsha Vanetsky

Risa Gettler’s art, Vicious Poodle, has been accepted into the gallery section of Letter Arts Review. (See below.)


Vicious Poodle - small

Risa Gettler has two Visigothic Versals pieces, 'Rider' and 'Between the Lines', in Letter Arts Review,Volume Twenty Two, Number Three, Page 20 and 32 (right). Risa designed the logo for Robert Renzoni Vineyards, and wine labels:, and her work for Edna Wright’s daughter’s wedding appeared in the Wedding issue of Letter Arts Review.

Susan Richardson's work, 'Integrity - Stimulation - Surprise' is in Letter Arts Review, Volume Twenty Two, Number Three, Page 18. (See below.)

Mounted Rider-Thumb

Mounted Rider
by Risa Gettler


Between the Lines
by Risa Gettler